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All Business Systems provides 100% pricing transparency. Our partners are the very best companies in the industry earning 5 Star Google Ratings and Better Business Bureau A+ ratings

Rates: Visa MasterCard Discover and American Express have over 750 card types issued to US consumers and businesses. Processor must reimburse the card issuing bank for all risk associated with issuing that card.

All Business Systems offers 3 Choices:


  • FAST Approvals.
  • Same day or within 24 hours.
  • Online applications.
  • All equipment is programmed
  • Equipment is ready to use out-of-the-box
  • Equipment shipped overnight for next day delivery.

Our install team calls you to train you & your staff. Will help you close your existing merchant account and ship your old equipment back to your processor.

Do you provide next-day funding?

YES we have the latest batch settlement times in the industry. Depending on the processor, your settlement will be either 9 PM or 11 PM. Funds from all 4 card brands are deposited in your bank account within 8 hours This question is important because the answer could have a big impact on your cash flow. Some merchant services providers offer next-day funding while others don’t fund merchant accounts for two or three days.“So you might not see cash in your business account until Thursday or Friday for sales made on Tuesday,” The Federal Reserve is closed on weekends, so no money moves.

Equipment Leasing: Don’t miss out on this valuable business depreciation deduction This deduction allows merchants to write off 100% of the lease according to IRS code. Sec179. The IRS will match you dollar for dollar the cost of your equipment on a lease and the cost is spread out over multiple years. The processor is more likely to replace failed equipment during the course of the lease.

Equipment Purchase: Allows a merchant to write off the cost of processing equipment minus depreciation for that year. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, it’s the owner’s responsibility to pay for failed equipment equipment. Equipment repairs can take 3-4 weeks. Electrical and power surges are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty. We strongly suggest getting a uninterrupted Power Supply and or a Surge Protector

Merchant Assurance Policy

What We Promise to Do: As our customer we are committed to providing you honest merchant processing at very competitive rates. If you are approached by someone offering you a deal that sounds too good to be true, call us and we will analyze that offer based on the actual history of your processing experience, not by guessing. We are confident in our ability to be competitive, and we will show you the result in a side-by-side comparison. If you receive a legitimate offer that would result in you paying less per month for your credit card processing, we will meet or beat that offer or pay you $100 (merchant assurance fee)*

You Have Nothing to Lose!

Breach Waiver Benefit: Our processors offer breach Assist Program designed to help our merchants meet a portion of the expenses resulting from a suspected or confirmed data breach-expenses that could jeopardize the future of their business! If a merchant is officially identified by Visa or MasterCard as having suffered a suspected or confirmed data breach, and meet other required obligations, the program covers the mandatory forensic audit required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) card replacement cost and related expenses, and PCI DSS assessments and fines resulting from the breach.

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