Do you own a bar, club, or other nightlife establishment? Do you know the benefits of having a superior merchant service provider? You will need for your business to accept credit and debit cards you will need to open a merchant services account. Choosing the right one can be challenging with so many options on the market.

That’s where All Business Systems comes in to share our expertise and custom tailor a program fit for your business to accommodate and best adapt to your business specifically.

To maintain a competitive edge within your industry as a bar owner and operator accepting credit and debit cards is a must. By giving customers flexible payment options you will be directly adding to your bottom line by increasing daily sales. It goes without saying that the use of credit cards has been directly linked to an increase in impulse buying.

Cut costs associated with your business where you can, owning and operating a bar can be costly. Having a premium payment processing provider does not have to be. With the current software options uniquely designed POS systems can be customized to fit your bar or club’s needs. Taking the guess work out of payment processing allows wait staff to focus on delivering the best service possible. Speeding up payment transactions and selling more drinks!

Benefits to Credit Card Payment Processing

Additional benefits to accepting credit card payments are increasing the speed of transactions, reducing potential error with cash counting, and having built-in software that can help you manage your business more efficiently. All Business Systems delivers advanced technology with real-time monitoring, advanced chargeback management systems, and a completely U.S based customer service team offering 24/7 technical support. We are definitely hands on to support your business at every turn.

Often bars can be forced to use multiple systems to meet the daily demands of business. With All Business Systems fully customizable systems such as Poynt, all systems can be integrated into one highly efficient POS system. Uniquely designed and equipped with individualised apps to streamline the dining process and create a less stressful environment as well as a contactless one for the health of employees

Which credit card terminal is right for your bar business?

Once you have decided to accept credit cards at your bar and place of business it is time to choose your POS and credit card machine. The landscape of the payment processing industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. From traditional terminals to Contactless payment solutions to wireless terminals with Bluetooth connectivity you can process payments just about anywhere.

All Business Systems offers advanced technology contactless payment solutions that are fully compliant with PCI standards, customers can be reassured their payments are secure on All Business Systems contactless terminals. Flexible payment options provide the ability to pay and tip with a credit or debit card in an efficient manner.