The Poynt Smart Terminal

Your all-in-one Payment Solution

The Poynt Smart Terminal brings the unlimited versatility of a mobile device to a future-proof payment terminal at a price that any merchant can afford. A Contactless Payment Environment Will Reduce Virus Exposure. Let Your Customers Know You Accept Contactless Payments.

A contactless payment is “really anything other than a traditional card payment using a [magnetic] strip or EMV chip [alone] to complete the transaction,”

“Thanks to smartphones, consumers have more technology power in their pockets than merchants have in the entire store. With an open commerce ecosystem, we can enable an amazing level of innovation and growth that has not existed before, and merchants can finally match consumer expectations with ability,” said Osama Bedier, founder and CEO of Poynt.

It’s everything you need to run your business

Poynt was founded in 2013 to help merchants regain control of the retail experience and provide customers with the same personalization, simplicity, and choice in stores that they have come to expect online.

Poynt is a connected commerce platform empowering merchants with the technology to transform their businesses. In 2013, the company recognized the lack of smart terminals in the market, and it re-imagined the ubiquitous payment terminal into a connected, multi-purpose device that runs third-party apps. As smart terminals become mainstream, Poynt OS is an open operating system that can power any smart payment terminal worldwide, creating a new app economy for merchants.

  • Best-in-class payment processing
  • Powerful software bundles to streamline operations
  • Choice of Smart Terminal to suit your needs
  • Business activity monitoring & management tools
  • 3rd party business apps for various industries

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