Give Your Customers Confidence with A Secure and Reliable Payment Environment

The Zero Touch

Enable best practices like zero-touch payments to create the safest payment experience for your staff and customers at check out.

Customers won’t need to exchange their personal credit card with your employees anymore Your customers can find it easy and convenient to slide their chip card into a card slot and be done or even scan a QR code on the screen and your business can accept payment from the customers mobile phone. At the end of the day Contactless transactions are here to stay and it is time to upgrade to get on board with the new environment we have all found ourselves in.

Contactless Payments Reduce COVID-19 Risk

The World Health Organisation has advised “to use contactless payments to reduce the risk of transmission” of COVID-19.

A person can get corona virus by touching an object that has the virus on it. “However, the risk posed by handling a polymer note is no greater than touching any other common surface, such as handrails, doorknobs or credit cards.”

Research has revealed that over half of UK consumers have used new payment methods since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

In addition, 84% of respondents admitted they were now thinking differently about how they make payments. “Our latest ‘Lost in Transaction’ research shows that consumers are already adapting to challenges in purchasing and getting to grips with alternative payment methods.

“Both payment providers and retailers must adapt in line with the demands of consumers and the requirements of the situation. Ultimately, the change and improvements we make to digital commerce throughout this pandemic will pave the way for the future of both digital and in-store payments.”

The research emerges as e-commerce levels have skyrocketed since country lockdown restrictions were imposed. Nearly half of UK consumers (43%) said they increased their online shopping habits because of restricted access to shops.

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